Snapshots from 2015: A New Road video

’All We Have Become’.  Album completion, release and tour. Chicago blizzard. Denver. My first Pacific Northwest tour. Thank you Paul. Multnomah falls. Portland. Food trucks. McMenamin’s. Salt baths. Eugene.  Breweries. The homeless singing under the bridge in the rain. Me, nearby in a cartoon of a motel. Hoola hooper in Hood River.  Seattle. Beautiful gig. High school choir competition on my floor. Playing for strangers. Old friends in their home towns. Thank you Max. Cideries. Thank you Abe. Google maps. Someone to watch over me. Touring Ireland with Mick Flannery. Parts of the country I had never been in before. Thank you Mick, Lorcan and Mick’s fans. Countless gigs (I think 155). Europe. House concerts. Jokes in German. Chimney sweeps. In German. Kindness at the bend of the road. Thank you Mel, Ulf, John, Andrea, Shel and Stefan. Western Massachusetts. Dream Away Lodge. Photographs of Danko, Dylan, Baez.Upstate New York. The Catskill Mountains. Trees. Cooking for friends. Getting yelled at by a Woodstock burn-out. New York City drivers. Rock, Rock, Rockaway Beach.  Late nights on the Lower East Side. The Scratcher. Trading songs with masters of their craft. Big City Folk. Après Ceol. Goodbye to the Path Cafe. Reviving the Song Challenge. Seeing my first bear. Thank you bear. Worrying about money. Trying not to worry about money. Thinking big. Fighting my corner. Computing for new gigs. Singing for my supper. Singing for their supper. The Olympia Theatre.  A photograph of Johnny Cash. Rockwood Music Hall. Music Matters. Songs that matter. Spit them out. You are listening. I am grateful. The radio bleeds. Bigotry. This sorry world. The music in between. Strong coffee. The band. Their time. Their talent. Changing strings mid song. The tightrope. The safety net. The gamble. The audience. Reel it in for everyone who has made the effort.  You are reading. I am grateful for your time.

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