And Onward He Wandered.

Tuesday February 27th, 2018


Yesterday I was walking through the park as I’m prone to do. A young man approached me. He looked like a 6 foot 6 “ seven year old. He looked like a cartoon drawing of a Coloradan troubadour, Peter Pan, Robin Hood and yer man out of Twilight rolled into one. Even his walk seemed animated. Not in a pixar way. Anyway as I said, he approached me. I knew he would. I’ve a talk to me ya weirdo head on me, myself. It can be good for stories but bad for defending personal space.


“May I ask you a question?”,


“Do you think music is worth the destruction of health and the loss of happiness?”

“No, I don’t think anything is worth the loss of your happiness or destruction of your health.” ”Of course, there’ll be sacrifices and moments of unhappiness but if it is overall making you sick or miserable, then maybe it’s time to take a break.”

“Hmmm. Compelling, compelling…”


And onward he wandered.

And I went back to taking photographs of ambivalent, silent, wishy-washy, majestic swans.

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