Back in Germany

Cargo or cars floating on the Rhine.

Cargo or cars floating on the Rhine.

I woke up in the attic. At Rheinterassen Rees. Outside I can hear the boats go by. It is a comforting low hum. On the River Rhine I have seen everything float. A mostly grown, somewhat educated man, I continue to be baffled by what can be made to float. Tonnes of coal, 40 vans, helicopters. I’ve seen it all floating up and down the Rhine. Out the window from the attic above Rheinterassen Collins, here in Rees.
My friends Andrea and John own this venue. It has been in Andrea’s family for generations. For me and many other touring musicians it is a very real haven. It is almost a shame to do it at the very start of the tour.

Sleeping behind the flight simulator at Dublin airport, Terminal 2.

Sleeping behind the Flight simulator at Dublin airport, Terminal 2.

Still, after flying from JFK to Dublin, hanging around Dublin airport for 8 hours before flying to Düsseldorf to take a train to Empel Rees, I was glad to see friends and sleep in a familiar bed in a familiar room in a familiar town. As it often occurs, my exhaustion is beaten by the excitement of catching up. John and I chatted till the small hours. Then I slept for a full 12 hours in the cosy warm attic at Rheinterassen Collins in Rees.

I’m playing Rheinterassen Collins in Rees tonight at 8pm. The gig will be at ground level!

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