Catching up – The Pine Lodge Tonight


The Young Man and the Sea

The Young Man and the Sea – E.W. Harris #thewildatlanticway

Catching up with old friends, catching up with myself.

I’ll keep this dispatch brief as I am home and I want to be social.
Yesterday I had the great pleasure of travelling to and from Galway with my old friend Ian Whitty. We haven’t seen each other in ages. He is a nourishing person to be around. Today I feel inspired. Inspired about the craft of songwriting, inspired about keeping the song central and grateful for the residual things that music brings into my life. Like travelling to a gig with and old friend and talking about the things that matter.

The Galway gig was quiet but fun, our friend Brooke from East Durham is studying in Galway this year and she worked the door for us. Ian did a really great opening set. It has been at least an age since I last heard him live. His forthcoming album will be great.

Bantry, Co. Cork

Bantry, Co. Cork

The Mariner in Bantry the night before was busy, it got a bit loud towards the end but I enjoyed it. E.W. Harris did a great set I am glad our tours overlapped for these couple of gigs. And once again, the Curran family treated us like kings. Coughlan’s in Cork city was sold out and it was great to play with my Karl Nesbitt again. I even managed to get Mick Daly the sound engineer to sing along on Guy Clark’s ‘Stuff that Works’ at the end of the set.

I am at the Pine Lodge in Myrtleville tonight. Karl is joining me again and the Lost Gecko will be opening the gig.


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