My Name Is Seaside

Rockaway, Friday May 27th, 2022


Johnny Crowbar is not Johnny’s really name.

“You know, I never got your name?”


“Great name, Seaside. I’m Niall”.

“I see your side, you see my side, and we can all be beside the seaside together”,

“I like it, Seaside”

“You gotta put that kid in the front of the bike instead of behind.”

“You’re probably right.”

“They can’t see from behind. They get perturbed and disturbed…and when we get perturbed and disturbed we get judgmental and then what?”

“Yup. You’re probably right. You ready for summer Seaside?”

“Oh boy, I’m ready for summer, a great summer, a peaceful summer.”

“I hope so, Seaside.”



“You, you, yeah, you’re gonna get that part in the movie my man,”

“Great, thank you.”

“And you, you’re gonna sell a million songs. Mark my words.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“But, you what you call me? I heard you. You call me crazy? Jokes on you. What you don’t know is that I am the heiress to 8 billion dollar fortune and tomorrow, tomorrow, I’m gonna come back in here…and I’m not gonna tip you. ”

“Oh, the positive bits are still true though, right?”



Upcoming gigs


Thursdays 7pm-9pm , Sayra’s Wine Bar, Rockaway

Sat June 4th, 11am, Saugerties Farmers’ Market, NY

Sunday June 5th, 7pm, Stella and Fly, NYC Big City Folk Song Club with Rick Snyder

Wednesday June 8th, 8pm, Cafe at Irish Arts Center

Saturday June 11th, Greenville Drive In, NY

Friday June 17th, House Concert, Toms River,NJ

Saturday June 18th, Big City Folk Porch Stomp

Sunday June 19th, 7pm, Stella and Fly, NYC, Big City Folk Song Club with Kevin Connolly

Saturday June 25th, An Beal Bocht, Bronx, NY

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