Pictures and Words: Chicago – Boston – NYC


For a multitude of reasons I’ve been a bit slow finding the time to type.  Consequently today’s blog is mostly pictures.


Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

I walked a long way from Chicago Navy Pier to Union Station. Or a not so short way with a guitar and two bags.

Chicago, the loop on a Sunday night.

A man on the street corner repeatedly yelling, “Please be afraid.” As if we need reminding.

I made my way slowly to the station daydreaming of what hot meal I would invest in before getting back on the train. Note to future self/ others travelling from Union Station on a weekend evening. There is fuck all open on a Sunday after 6pm. My warm food choices were McDonalds or popcorn. I had a pint in one of the more miserable train station bars I’ve been in. The walls were TVs. Each wall showing various sports games simultaneously.

It’s 1.48pm on Monday I am somewhere outside Schenectady on the train. I’m listening to ‘All My Puny Sorrows’ by Miriam Toews. It makes Mick Flannery and Leonard Cohen albums seem comparatively joyous. It is very good but it is relentlessly sad.

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016
All Souls Day

I am back in Brooklyn. I’ve been up and back to Boston since too. This morning I’ve been working on a new song for Song Challenge at the new Big City Folk song club at Fawkner and booking tickets for the upcoming tour. Turning off the radio. Turning on the radio. Turning off the radio.

Rockaway Beach on 4th anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.

Rockaway Beach on 4th anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.

Upcoming gigs:
Thur Nov 3rd Hosting Song Club with August Wells at Fawkner, Brooklyn 8.00pm
Fri Nov 4th Rockwood Music Hall, NY, 10pm
Sat Nov 5th Toad, Cambridge, MA 7.30pm

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