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Thur, Oct 20th, 2016

Surprise Rockwood Music Hall Gig, Tonight 7pm

I have a last minute gig at Rockwood Music Hall tonight at 7pm. This one is a surprise for me too. If you are lingering after work, or enjoying this ridiculous October weather please stop by and say hello.

Since I last typed here I played some very enjoyable gigs Upstate in Saugerties and back in the city at the Scratcher and American Beauty. Jason Myles Goss blew me away at the Scratcher. He is great writer and performer. Concise, punchy, emotive and catchy narrative songwriting.

Preparing for Saturday night's showdown with the Cubs.

Preparing for Saturday night’s showdown with the Cubs.

Chicago on Saturday Night

It was very considerate of Leonard Cohen to coincide the release of his new album with my 19 hour train journey from Penn Station, New York to Union Station, Chicago. I’m hoping to use the time to listen, read and write. Perhaps the next blog post will be a novella.


The last time I played Chicago there was a blizzard. This time I am clashing with the Cubs play off game. Really I need to fire my manager. If you have friends in Chicago who are ambivalent about baseball but enthusiastic about original music, please do send them down to Uncommon Ground,1401 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60660. I am playing two sets starting at 9pm.

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