Solo Touring with the Radio On

Photo from toilet wall in Germany.

Rockaway Park, NY , Jan 31st, 2024

Sunday morning I loaded up the car outside my friends Paddy and Katie’s house in Beverley, Massachusetts. Indecisive sleet, hail, snow, rain came at me from all sides.  Our Honda civic windscreen resisted defogging. I got in the car and drove. Traveling solo, the CD player long broken, I listen to too much radio. We live in such infuriating times. I took in the endless godawful news interspersed with bombastic pop music. I cried, a good proper cry, listening to This American Life  ‘The Words to Say It’ episode. Act one is the story of a Palestinian woman, Youmna’s efforts to get her family to safety. At one point her children ask,  “If we are killed, will we die together?”

As I type, BBC World Service report on Gaza tells a story of a baby born by C section after her mother was crushed in an Israeli attack. The baby is one month old. The father has not been found. The report says there are an estimated 19,000 orphans. 26,000 killed.

We are afraid of groups. We categorize people. It is easier to dismiss and dehumanize groups than individuals. Conversely we can relate to individual stories. We need all the tools we can find to fight the division and dehumanization that are so prevalent.

I was, of course, horrified by the events of October 7th. I hope for the release of all hostages. I also know that collective punishment is not the answer. I hope against hopes for a ceasefire, as my heart continues to break for those caught up in this mess.


My little Honda made it to Worcester. I have played in Worcester many times now. I still can’t quite say it the way the people from Worcester say Worcester. It’s something close to “Wistah” but that’s not quite right either. I had an insanely good and reasonably priced meal at Bay State Shawarma and Grill before playing an afternoon gig in Boland’s. It was a lovely. The weather got worse. I drove home very slowly on the slip sliding roads. What a privileged existence I lead.


Two gigs this weekend:

Fox and Crow, Jersey City, Saturday, Feb 3rd with Jason Myles Goss

Niall 8pm, Jason 9pm

The Scratcher, NYC Sunday, Feb 4th with Jason Myles Goss

Jason 7pm, Niall 8pm

The Patience of Trees




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