The Grinch of Halloween Says Come to Our Show

 Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3,
Tonight, Thursday 31st 8.15pm
with Jo Kroger and Honey Wrestler

I don’t want pumpkin in my beer.
I don’t want pumpkin in my coffee.
I don’t want  pumpkin in my mouth.
I don’t want pumpkin spit it out.

I’m not a monster.  I love autumn. The changing leaves. Little children dressed as bears.  The smell of the changing of the seasons.  The constant uncertainty about what to wear. The creaking of heating pipes creepily considering their options. I do love autumn. I don’t love Halloween.

I have memories of being jumped on and beaten with sticks by the McEvoys and their cohorts by Rivertown bridge. I think I was about 14. It wasn’t the first or the worst beating I’d received but it was one of the more surprising ones.

Halloween, always seemed like the Sunday night of festivities to me.

“Enjoy this, you’ve got a winter full of Mondays to come.”

I know, I’m selling this well, right?

Stay with me. Stay with me. Stay with me.

I plan on finally forever banishing these associations with Halloween tonight.


I’m a huge fan of Jo Kroger and Honey Wrestler and I am excited to get to share an evening of songs with them at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3 tonight. You should definitely come. Forget that you are a New Yorker and do something last minute. I DARE you.

If you don’t come, I will cast an ancient Gaelic Pagan spell on you. One that makes you click here and see what other gigs I have coming up.

Peace, love, Boo,

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