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September 13th, 2017 – Taxi to JFK

On the road again. Bags are packed. My suitcase is undoubtedly overweight. Stuffed with a wildly ambitious number of CDs and posters, cables, my microphone, spare batteries, spare strings, a toothbrush, a book, four shirts, another pair of trousers, seven pairs of socks and jocks.

I do believe I am ready.

I am equally certain I am forgetting something obvious but I have my guitar, my passport, my green card and my wallet.

Good enough.

Dream Your Way Out of This One (2017)

I’m always very scattered the days coming up to tour. This is only one of the reasons my wife is worthy of beatification. She is also a public school art teacher. Between me and the students her well of patience is rarely left untested.

I had a couple of very nourishing gigs the past couple of days. Sunday night I played at the Scratcher sessions.That’s a beautiful listening gig in Manhattan’s lower east side. The series is curated Brendan O’ Shea and Pete Olshansky and on Sunday night myself and Martin Rivas kicked off their twelfth season.

On Monday, two days before flying, I took the trusty greyhound up and down to Boston for a double bill with Rosemere Road at the legendary folk venue Club Passim. It being a Monday I wasn’t expecting much of a crowd but there were 109 people at the gig. It has a capacity of 110. I’m gonna pull a minor Trump moment and call that one a sell out. Again, this was a pin drop quiet listening gig and a real treat to perform. Thanks to Nine Athens Music for hosting that one.

Last night we had a and practice at Chris Foley’s rehearsal space down by the Gowanus on 2nd avenue and 15th street in Brooklyn. The band will be joining mein Dublin in a couple of weeks.

I’ve quite a bit of work to do before then.

I’m ready.

‘Dream Your Way Out of This One’ available everywhere from Friday September 15th.

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