Two Fundraiser Gigs This Weekend


“Help our favorite writer, editor, and bon vivant get through a difficult time.” – GoFundMe Page for Jack Silbert

I met Jack Silbert a few years before I moved to NYC. I was on tour here and he worked with my friend Clare at Scholastic in lower Manhattan.  At the time I worked in Cork music library. I considered myself to be quite knowledgable but after a little time in Jack’s company I realised I know nothin’. I’ve listened to songs on Jack’s mix Cds that google can’t find. We became friends. We shared some bad jokes. He recommended a lot of bands. He came to a lot of gigs. We shared some more bad jokes. We had a couple of Happy Hour drinks. We went to see the Silver Jews in Hoboken’s legendary Maxwell’s. Before the Silver Jews broke up and Maxwell’s closed.

To put it borderline insultingly mildly, Jack has had a rough year. A lot of us may be thinking, “Tell me about it, who hasn’t?” Well,  Jack is a positive man, so out of respect to his positivity, I will let you know that Jack is now learning to walk on prosthetic legs. Cliched as it sounds, his determination and humour is truly inspiring.

I am going to keep this brief, as I have to get back to learning a song I don’t know, by a band I don’t know, to perform at a fundraiser for a man I do know. This Sunday come join us as we raise funds and celebrate my friend Jack Silbert. Where? At the reopened Maxwell’s, of course.

Can’t be there in person? Be there in spirit and consider making any sized donation to the fund though the link below.


Tomorrow, Friday, I’m playing another fundraiser at Rakit Club in Bushwick. This time for my friend Eric Wdowiak’s theater company, Elsinore County.

Fundraiser for Elsinore County in Bushwick tomorrow.

Niall Connolly, C-Kay, Mama Juke and DJ Antwork and Adam Radice. Tickets $25 in advance/ $30 on door. Includes open bar. More info here.


I’ll be going back to raising funds for myself (and my landlord) next week, including the Dog and Duck on Monday, Fawkner on Thursday and a return to the American Folk Art Museum on Friday March 31st at 5.30pm.



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