Two Tales of a City


Monday, October 9th, Skillman Avenue, Queens

There was an altercation on the bus between a passenger who wouldn’t pay, but was allowed to board anyway and then continued to yell “shut thefuck up and do your job” at the driver. The driver responded loudly and politely, “Have some manners”. The aggressor then went up and started yelling at the driver while the bus was in motion. I stood up, looking for anyone, anyone at all to stand up with me and you know, maybe not only be chivalrous, but also prevent the bus from crashing. All eyes to the ground. Sometimes this city disgust me.

So I sat down.

Much as I don’t want the bus to crash I don’t want to get stabbed either. I do not want to get in a fight on a moving bus. Sometimes, the line between choosing your battles and disgusting yourself is rizzla paper thin.


Thursday, October 12th,On the 2 Train

I talked to Anthony on the flip phone other day. He shared this story with me. “I left the lights in the van, and killed the battery” In midtown Manhattan. In the middle of the day. Many of my greatest fears and phobias are aligned in that image right there. How and ever, never say die Mulcahy, asked the nearby Ice cream truck driver “ You wouldn’t have a set of jump leads would ya?”

Ice-Cream truck driver, on what must surely be one of the last decent Ice cream selling days of the year, obliged, helped him hook up the jump leads, restart the batter ….and …then gave him a free Ice- cream.

Sometimes this city fills me with joy.

Keeping my eyes and ears open for more Ice-Cream truck driver with jump leads type stories.

Feel free to share yours.


I’m playing in Northport tonight, Cambridge tomorrow and Rockaway on Sunday afternoon.

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