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June 6th, 2018 – Brooklyn


It’s barbecue in the park weather. Leave your jacket at home weather. Walk to work weather. Perfect city park weather. It’s windows open while you’re sleeping weather. New York at its most liveable. The only drawback of windows open weather is of course that in the city that never sleeps the awake frequently forget that others are asleep. There’s no quiet way to load a rubbish track full of bags of recycling. There’s seemingly no way for a drunken passer by to remember that you can communicate at speaking volume without losing the message. The message doesn’t always need to be delivered with the enthusiasm of a clown falling down a well. It’s perfect windows open weather. Which makes it perfect windows open weather for the FM Classic Shits Radio listening drivers on our block. Suffice to say, it is perfect weather and I find reason to grumble.


White Noise


White Noise. For years many have advocated that I try listening to white noise. Well, I’ve been soundtracking my last few sleeps with some YouTubed white noise tracks. I have to say it worked. I slept to the sound of a rainstorm and the sound of a fan. Even if you have no problem sleeping I recommend you check out the comments section on some of these white noise pages. In a Youtube comments section you can generally bank on encountering the dregs of humanity expressing their anger in unpunctuated, irrational, misspelled manner. The comments are essentially a form of white noise. So white noise on an actual white noise posting, well…LMAO!!! The one for the fan sound that I listened to had comments complaining about the quality of the noise. The fact that it didn’t make them feel cooler. Or commenting that it did in fact make them feel cooler. Or commenting on the fact that 76 people and bothered to give a thumbs down review for a looped recording of a fan. My favourite comments included somebody saying they really loved the bit at 2 hours 45 minutes and 36 seconds. Another commenter added, “OMG ..love this does anyone know where I can find the lyrics.”


Mad Looking Animals


In other news I met an Eastern red-spotted newt in Western Massachusetts and a snapping turtle in Cornwallville this week. I had no idea these things existed in the wild in these parts. I had no idea it was a snapping turtle till I tried to give it some water and it snapped.

Snap of a snapping turtle that snaps.


Live Gigs This Week:

Thursday June 7th: Big City Folk Song Club with Ryan Morgan and Karen Dahlstrom

Saturday June 9th: Toad, Cambridge

Sunday June 10th: Irish Have, Sunset Park

Monday June 11th: New York Beer Company, Manhattan

“Red, the newts today. oh boy..”

Ireland and Italy Next Month.

I’m playing a few gigs in Ireland and in Italy in July, I’d love to see you if you are nearby.


Big City Folk Festival – June 22nd and 23rd


Big City Folk Festival returns in just two weeks. This year’s festivities take place at Rockaway Artist’s Alliance Studio 7 Gallery at Fort Tilden in Rockaway. It is going to be incredible. You should be there. You can find out more at: www.bigcityfolkfestival.com

Thanks at Lara Ewen for making the website and E.W. Harris for all your help making this happen.

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