About Niall

1977. The year that punk was born.With only hours left to spare it also produced a baby boy in the suburbs of Cork, Ireland, born with his ears piqued to the murmurs and clatter around him.As he grew the soundtrack changed. Nirvana on the Walkman. Leonard Cohen on his sister’s stereo. The surge of bands and songwriters emerging from the 1990’s Cork music scene. Later it became snippets of eavesdropped New York conversation. Tales of woe on the radio. The sights and sounds of tours across Europe.All of it gets woven into a tapestry of words. Then melody. Harmonies added in the studio. Electricity, sincerity, and humor on the stage. At the core of every Niall Connolly song is the story, one that unfolds a layer with each listen.


Niall Connolly – Photo credit: Art Heffron.

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What the press say

“Deeply Passionate. Engaging songs that are very much in the vein of early Dylan and showcase the strength of his voice and the potency of his words”
—The Irish Independent

“Among the most vibrant, poignant, and authentic indie folk artists in New York City.”
No Depression

“Terrific. Disarming and beautifully crafted folk-pop. Connolly is a witty storyteller and a not-to-be-missed songsmith.”
The Chicago Tribune

“Impressive new album”
The Connacht Tribune

“An absolutely beautiful collection of songs… I was gobsmacked by the quality of the songwriting… accomplished composition and arrangements… 4 stars.”
Arena, RTÉ Radio 1’s Arts Show

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