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The Patience of Trees


"The Patience Of Trees is remarkable. It is much like Blood On The Tracks or Plastic Ono Band in its honesty and raw emotions. Connolly has come up with his masterpiece."

-  Aaron Badgely, The Spill Magazine 9/10

"There are not enough words for love in English; Niall Connolly has found a way around our pretty language’s greatest deficit. With the songs of The Patience of Trees, Connolly has written a collection that explores all the sides of what it means to feel deeply: about a lover, about a child, about old friends, and so often, about life itself. "

- Matt Ruppert, These Subtle Sounds

"Niall Connolly’s The Patience of Trees welcomes us into a world where hope and kindness are the bravest of things"

- Casee Marie, Imperfect Fifth

Video: "It's a Beautiful Life"

'It's a Beautiful Life - New music video  by Blaa Blaa Productions

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