Add Your House to My World Tour Of New York

Bushwick- Midtown – Carroll Gardens – Sunset Park – Riverdale – East Village – Lower East Side – Astoria

January 12th, 2019

After last night’s gig at American Folk Art Museum someone handed me $20 and said, “That’s for all the times I’ve listened to you for free on Spotify.” You know who you are. Thank you. To be clear, I’m 100% okay with this becoming a thing that people do for musicians whose music they enjoy! Monday Night Session resumes at The New York Beer Company this Monday Jan 14th, Big City Folk Song Club at Fawkner features Nicholas Horner ( Porch Stomp) on Thursday, Sunday 20th I’m at Irish Haven in Sunset Park, Friday 25th An Beal Bocht in Bronx and Sunday 27th The Scratcher Sessions in the East Village. I’m also playing a private house concert in Brooklyn today. My world tour of New York 27a

Jan 12th – House Concert Bushwick, Brooklyn

Jan 14th ( and most Monday) – New York Beer Company, Midtown Manhattan

Jan 17th ( and most Thursdays) –  Big City Folk Song Club at Fawkner, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

Jan 20th – Irish Haven, Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Jan 25th – An Beal Bocht Cafe, Riverdale, Bronx

Jan 27th – The Scratcher Sessions, East Village, Manhattan

Feb 2nd – Rockwood Music Hall, Lower East Side, Manhattan

Feb 5th – Big City Folk Song Club Goes to Astoria, The Shillelagh Tavern, Astoria, Queens


If you’d like to host a house concert in our near New York State please email: [email protected] with subject line: House Concert.




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