Bringing Up Baby – UES -Brooklyn – Greenville

Rockaway, May 14th, 2019


“As-SalaamAlaikum, fellas”  – Guy in front of me at Pickles and Pies, 116th street, Rockaway Beach.

“The whale is a Russian spie.” –  NPR

“My god, she’s got pretty eyes. You’re going to have to get a gun.” – Guy in front of me at the post office, 115th street, Rockaway Beach.

“The CIA decided they wanted to turn house cats into listening devices….the experimental radio cat was hit by a car.” – NPR


I’m typing one handed. Saoirse is sleeping, sitting on my left knee and snuggled into my left arm. We moved out of Brooklyn to Rockaway at the start of April.


“More recently the Iranian government took on a family of squirrels outside a nuclear plant” – Still NPR


New York is being good to me. Keeping me employed in song. I am not touring right now. I’m grateful to be sufficiently busy here. This week I have gigs in Upper East Side, Brooklyn and Greenville, New York. Check out the gigs page for more information. 

Wednesday, The Hunterian 8pm

Thursday, Hosting Big City Folk Song Club at Fawkner with E.W. Harris.

Saturday, Greenville Drive In Cinema, before screening of ‘Bringing Up Baby’.


She’s awake, good luck….



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