Interview with Minds in Music/Royal College Of Psychiatrists

Here’s an interview I did with Dr. John Tully for the latest Minds in Music blog on the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ website. John’s an old friend, a psychiatrist and a musician, as such he is very well qualified to ask these questions . I enjoyed doing this piece about mental health and touring with him. Never has my sanity been so articulately questioned.

Photograph by Anthony Mulch/ Mulography.

Photograph by Anthony Mulcahy/ Mulography.

A Life On Tour – Click here to view complete article

Niall Connolly is a modern troubadour. Over the last 15 years, he has toured extensively throughout Europe and the USA, playing hundreds of concerts in a wide variety of venues. He has played house concerts in Holland, folk festivals in Germany and cafes in rural Belgium. He has also taken the stage at prestigious events and venues such as CMJ in New York, the Olympia theatre in Dublin and Glastonbury. He has played support to some of Ireland’s most successful modern music acts, including Mick Flannery, John Spillane and Declan O’Rourke. His admirers include Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner (“I cannot remember when I heard such a moving collection of songs”) and Glen Hansard of The Frames/Swell Season fame, who recently tweeted his support. He has performed for movie stars (Gabriel Byrne and Daniel Day Lewis at The New York Irish Arts Centre Gala) and heads of state (including recently as a ‘warm up’ act for Bill Clinton). His recent tour blog offers a witty insight into some of these adventures.”

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