Javier Mas, Glen Hansard, Niall Connolly and Pat Conway.

Javier Más from Leonard Cohen’s Band plays on my new album

New Album ‘Dream Your Way Out Of This One’  Out  Mid September

Please check your pockets for bullets, screws, gum or crayons.

I’m writing to you from outside the Greenville Laundromat in Greenville, New York. There is a sign inside that asks customers to check their pockets for bullets and other “dangerous items” such as screws, gum or crayons. If I am ever confronted with a dangerous item down a dark alley, I am hope it will be one of the latter.



I’m listening to mixes. The album is essentially mixed. Then it will be mastered. Then it will be pressed. Then it will be toured. Then it will go platinum. Right? Right. I will need your help with more than one part of this equation. I’m really proud of the songs on this album and I do think it is our best production yet.


Javier Más from Leonard Cohen’s band is playing on one of the songs. I met him in Cork when Glen Hansard invited me to play a song with him. I chanced my arm asking him to play on the album. I am so happy he did.


Deni Bonet plays violin on another.


Brandon, Len, Dennis and Chris are playing on most of them.


We will be releasing a digital single on bandcamp soon. I’m going to make that pay- what- you-can for the first two weeks. If about 3000 of you buy it for a $1 that’d would help meet costs. Alternatively, one of you can buy it for $3000, well that’d be fine too.

Greene County, NY

I’ll be touring Ireland from September 15th till 29th. I am delighted to announce the band will be joining me for the Dublin, Galway and Cork city gigs. I’ll be performing in Italy and Croatia for the first time in November as well as stopping in Austria and Germany. I’m also hoping to get down South in US and back to the west coast with this album.


If you ask me, I’ll probably come..



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