R.I.P. Andrea Collins

Rockaway Park, New York

As a touring musician I spent more nights taking shelter in the comfort of John and Andrea’s home than anywhere else in the world. Their welcome was always absolute and sincere. I will never forget the kindness that Andrea extended to me and whoever I was travelling with at the time.

In the midst of often hectic tour schedules, Rheinterrassen Rees was a home away from home, a safe harbour, a place where I would be fed, watered and rested. I had to laugh reading the website today when I was reminded that the restaurant served the same purpose for barge skippers and the horses that towed those barges back in the 1700s.


Looking back at it now, I suppose this welcome was also an extension of Andrea’s love for John. “Friends of John’s are coming with their friends whom I’ve never met before? Ja sicher. Of course they can stay.”

Even when she was extremely busy with the restaurant, Andrea always had a kind word and a big smile to share. Always thinking to ask after my own family and friends too. We had a many a very quick and meaningful chat in kitchen. Talk about multitasking!  Andrea was in the right business.  She had a great appreciation and understanding of how people interacted with each other. She loved peopIe.


I shared the sad news with many international friends. Everyone commented on how kind Andrea was and how welcome she made them feel.


She loved her detective shows, her books, her music and her travel. Of course, she loved her mother Rita, her Johnny and her Lizzy most of all.


I must have played the restaurant 15 -20 times over the years. Every time I did , Andrea would request my song “The Long Weekend”. I’ll sing that for you tonight Andrea.

My deepest condolences to Lizzy, John and Rita.

Online book of condolences here:

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