School Days Over Cover – Gig Cancellations

Rockaway, March 15th, 2020

Since we’re going to have to dig deep to get through the next few months, this old Ewan MacColl mining song came to mind.  This next week of gigs are cancelled, with further cancellations very likely. It’s the socially responsible course of action, but it’ll be hard to keep spirits nurtured and fed. I know you are all washing your hands and practicing social distancing.  I’d also encourage anyone with the means  to consider buying gift vouchers from your local small businesses, so many of whom will be massively impacted by this pandemic.

Thanks to all the people who immediately reached out to me about cancellations and offers to help.

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I feel weird sharing this,  but a number of people have asked.  I likely won’t be able to perform for you live any time soon, but will try to create some digital content as a meager substitute. If you’d like to pour yourself a beverage, hit play, and pretend we’re all out having a time together, feel free to consider this my digital tip jar.

Venmo: @NiallConnolly

PayPal: [email protected]

I hope to use the unplanned time off to work on writing and editing new material. I’ll continue to share videos and blogs.

I hope you and yours are all staying safe,


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