Tour Continues with a Busy Week at Home

Tuesday May 9th,  the bus to DC 


The contrast between the subway and even the dirtiest train in Europe does not reflect well on the Greatest Nation on Earth. Still, despite the $18 for a coffee, and kind bar and a sandwich, it’s good to be home. I booked a Greyhound bus to DC whilst in Vienna the other night. In my haste to be in Vienna and not on the compter I didnt read the small print. My Greyhound is not a Greyhound nor a Greyhound bus even, its a previously loved, well worn Flix bus, with the suspension of a stolen supermarket trolley. Was it only Sunday I was complaining about the fella complaining? Flix bus also leaves from outside the genuinely beautiful Moynihan train station and not Port Authority. I am very experienced in the dire depressive nature of Port Authority Bus Station but this place is somehow sadder in the glare of the outdoor sun and in contrast to the genuinely lovely Moynihan train station. 


I tried to do a headspace meditation on the bus. Take deep breaths and be aware of your surroundings isn’t great advice on a battered bus with a smelly toilet. 

With Stevie of the Pie Shop, DC

With Stevie of the Pie Shop, DC


On the A – Train – subway Friday night, May 12th


A young woman in front of me is asleep. Standing up. Like, fully asleep. She has not opened her eyes at any of the last five stops. I’m impressed. The train is packed. It’s uncomfortable, but good to see NYC back like this again. A young black man is playing violin at the other end of the carriage. He appears to be doing it to pass the time. Or maybe he just can’t get up this far on the crowded train with a tip jar.. It’s good to see people dressed in their Friday Best. All kinds of people. You’ve still got it NY. The train could very easily rock me to sleep If I don’t pay attention ( or pay the price)


The D.C. Gig was magic. Lisa O’Neill is a true poet. Her songs peer into things, she climbs into and through them and comes out the other side with something both abundantly true and new. I knew two of her band Mic and Joe from doing stuff with Glen in the past and I met fellow cork man Brian Leach on hammer dulcimer too. Phenombel band and all lovely people.


A man named Hawk ran security at the Pie Shop. He gathered us on the deck out  back before the doors opened and welcomed us telling us we were special and safe and then wished us a blessed night. Afterwards he told me, “ keep on singing and you’re gonna always be alright “. 

I’ve felt this many times in my life but it did feel good coming from this 300 pound Hawk Angel. 


He also guessed me weight and promised to bring me some soul food for my next gig “Just don’t be complaining. I can’t eat no more, I gotta sing or none of that “  Tune in post June 5th to see what happens there. 


Bob Boilen of NPR/ Tiny Desk was at the gig. Lisa had recorded a Tiny Desk performance earlier that day and he came to see her show. Early enough to catch my set. Right up the front. No nerves, too tired and well rehearsed for that. I met with him briefly before the show and I loved how much the man clearly  loves music. Like, if someone is going to have Bob Boilen’s job, it should definitely be him. The gig went well. Lisa invited me back up to play ‘All the Quiet Horses’ with her. 

Anthony Mulcahy drove me back to NY and told me an incredible story about climbing Mount Hood in Oregon. Don’t use the tour company he used.

That was then this is now. The woman is still asleep. I didn’t know humans could be this asleep standing up. But I’m pretty sure they can’t do it dead, so hopefully she’s fine. 


Now I’m waiting for the shuttle. A very drunk man is listening to some sort of pop RnB on his phone. Auto tune treble voice on his phone is singing something about being wasted. Mine eyes are heavy.


Had a rehearsal today too. It was good. Two gigs tomorrow. Good to be busy. Grateful to be busy. But lord am I tired. Now there are two phones playing two different songs at the same time. And here I am stuck in the middle with you. . Progress is not a straight line. 


I approve of this message

Sunday, May 14th, 2023


Let me finish this train of thought. Trains and thoughts. Back in US one week. SAturday we played two band gigs. I am blessed with this band. Such superb musicians and humans. It felt great to play with them again. We played Open Stages Festival in Brookyln at 3pm and An Beal Bocht in Bronx at 8pm. I worked it out, I have played 18 gigs in 18 days.


All different. All enjoyable. It’s good to be back. 


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