World Leader Pretend


World Leader Pretend – Brooklyn, April 11th, 2018

I had this R.E.M single on a 45 rpm.  I was 13. It was a birthday gift from my friends and later my first bandmates Justin and Dave. Most 13 year olds are sound. Other 13- year olds sometimes feel the need to prove that they are men. (I say men and boys because I went to an all boys school.) With fighting talk and occasionally by fighting. I’ve got the scars. Only last year my doctor asked me “Is it possible you might have got a bang growing up?” Ha.

My mother raised my empathetic. I’m sure they had their reasons. Yet, I tired of bullies a long time ago. Especially the privileged kind.   45 now behaving worse than any 13 year old.  All fighting talk for a fight he won’t have to fight. A fight he’d haplessly send his voters and their children to die in.

The B side was ‘I Will Turn You Inside Out’.

Peace, love, joy.




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