American Folk Art Museum Tonight


Who’s in Manhattan and finishing work around 5.30pm today? I am honoured with a ‘U’ to once again be invited to play the Free Music Friday’s Series at The American Folk Art Museum. Thanks Lara Ewen for curating this as well as everything else you do for live music in this town. . Music starts 5.30pm, free admission, all ages and there’s a donation based cash wine bar. Classy. Sean Lee and Moha Ngom also on the bill.

I am back in Brooklyn almost a week. I quickly realised that my dream of a few weeks relaxing between tours, was indeed a dream. It has been a busy couple of days catching up on the office side of things. I head back out on tour in a week and a half. One week earlier than planned, which is personally challenging and professionally exciting.
I’ve been invited to open for the Wonder Stuff in Belfast and Dublin. The Wonder Stuff, was the second CD I ever bought. Prizes for guessing the first? I’ll also be playing with Lucius in Dublin. Lucius used to play some of the Big City Folk events here in NYC and have since very much taken off. They’ve recently performed with Brian Wilson and David Byrne amongst others.
I’ll be doing a load of gigs all over Ireland and the UK from March 9th till April 8th.  Since I last wrote dates in Glasgow, Gourock and Halifax have been added.
Share your tour photos #NiallOnTour

Share your tour photos #NiallOnTour

Before I go, I have gigs in Bronx, Boston, Manhattan, East Durham and Brooklyn.
You’ll find them all on the calendar page of this site.
I’ll have time for more typing, and a proper catch up, on the bus to Boston on Sunday.
Thanks for reading, thanks for listening,

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