Four bands, a ferry and a fort.

June 9th, 2017 

“The Dog that didn’t bark“.  “A pig’s breakfast”. The BBC are all over the animal metaphors this morning.  Any news? Lordy. The DUP? Lordy, is right.


The sun is shining in Brooklyn. I should be outside. I will be outside. I am working on bookings for Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy this morning. All from the C.U. records headquarters. My kitchen. The future is mad alright.

I’m playing an afternoon set at 5.30pm today as part of the Northside Festival. Is 5.30pm the afternoon or the evening? I’ve managed to get through 39 and half years of life without ever being certain of where the afternoon ends and the evening begins. The gig is at Lantern Hall. I am sure of that part. Lantern Hall is “East” Williamsburg. Which is Bushwick. I think? I subletted an apartment in Bushwick my first summer here. On Jefferson street. I lived on tinned tuna and 40oz beers. By bizarre coincidence, Mick Flannery had subletted the same space the year before. My roommate, what was his name, David? He skateboarded to work. I remember thinking that was crazy.  Anyway, I am playing in Lantern Hall tonight which is east Williamsburg. Or east of Williamsburg. And it is part of the Northside Festival. I’ll bring my compass.


Jessi Robertson

Tomorrow, I’m curating and hosting a Big City Folk event at Rockaway Artist’s Alliance space at Fort Tilden. August Wells, Jessi Robertson and Mississippi Cotten complete the bill. I love all of these acts.  We are meeting up at the Irish Haven at 2pm for a few songs, before strolling down the road to take the ferry to Rockaway. The Irish Haven, a ferry, four bands and the sea. I mean, what more do you want? A pony? Grow up!


We are scheduled for a 5pm kick off. Times may be somewhat loose as folks will be getting there by trains and boats. Admission is a suggested $10 but nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.

August Wells


The Irish Haven Plan of Action:
2pm: Meet at Irish Haven (5721 4th Ave. at 58th St. in Sunset Park)
– Short music set at Irish Haven
3:20pm: Walk 3 avenues down 58th St. to the Ferry Terminal at 58th St. & 1st Ave.
3:45pm: Ferry departs Sunset Park / Arrive Rockaway 4:28pm.
– Take shuttle or cabs from Rockaway Ferry Landing to Ft. Tilden.
5-8pm Approx: Music.
8:45pm: Head back to the Rockaway Ferry Landing for ferry back to Brooklyn.
9:30pm: Ferry departs Rockaway / arrives Sunset Park Ferry Landing at 10:15pm

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