Glen Hansard Makes Guest Appearance on Album

‘Dream Your Way Out of This One’ has been sent from coast to shining coast, from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles it will be mastered by Ruairí O’Flaherty. Ruairí is originally from Kerry, almost exactly the same distance from Brooklyn as Brooklyn is from LA. Sometime in the  next week or so it will make its way back here. Then it will be pressed and then it will be toured and then it slowly, slowly, it will go platinum. We may need your help with some sections of this delightfully simple masterplan.

Glen Hansard has joined myself and Javier Más on the recording of ‘May 12th, 1916- A Song for James Connolly’.

I have lots more to tell you but for now, here are the song titles. There should be twelve of them. If there are not twelve of them, don’t tell me.



Dream Your Way Out of This One

No Cause for Alarm
Open Your Eyes

I Am a Good Man
Artificial Lake

Leave the Wine in the Bottle
Central Station

May 12th, 1916- A Song for James Connolly

Come On In to the Dark
When We Are Soil





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