It’s Good to be Back in Your Town

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 – Brooklyn

I’m back in Brooklyn. The sun is shining. Hector is yelling across the street to someone on the other side. Out of laziness more than anger. The someone is either not responding or responding at a volume that suggests they know other people live here too. I hear children screaming in the schoolyard. I think we have a new neighbour the other side of the chimney who likes to watch 50’s movies in the daytime. Or new neighbours who are going through a 50’s type understated baritone melodrama. It’s a new frequency slipping through the walls. Not entirely unpleasant. Yet.

We got back to the United States of “He Did What Now?” last night. I was asleep by ten pm. I got up early went for a jog and a walk down to the Artificial Lake in Prospect Park. I bought two tomatoes and a bunch of kale at the farmer’s market in the park. $6.30. Yup. I’m back alright.

Times and tickets for Friday’s Brooklyn Album Release Party

Brooklyn Album Release Party This Friday at Union Hall

Doors 8pm.
Warren Malone 8.30pm.
Niall Connolly and the Pop Up Party People 9.15pm
(We had a lot of fun coming up with names in the van during the week.)

Tickets $12 (plus booking fee)

Dream Your Way Out of This One (2017)

Dream Your Way Out Of This One – Downloads Available.Everywhere. Now.
Cds available at all gigs and through:

“A superb band of NYC musicians…. potent…. Punchy pop/rock with a beating heart.”
-The Irish Times

“An absolutely beautiful collection of songs… I was gobsmacked by the quality of the songwriting… accomplished composition and arrangements… 4 stars.”
-Arena, RTÉ Radio 1’s Arts Show

“…beautiful instrumentation… and gorgeous complex sounds throughout… he is at the core a folk artist, a poet with a beautiful way with words and the true gift of writing a catchy tune.”





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