Goodnight Fawkner – Song Club Moves to Stella and Fly

Rockaway Park, Tuesday, August 27th, 2019


Goodnight Fawkner

I’m sorry to share the news that Fawkner closed its doors this weekend. We’ve been hosting Big City Folk Song Club there for the last few years and at the same address prior to that when it was Ceol. Thanks to everyone we worked with there for making us feel so welcome. I wish every single one of you the very best. Life being life, our Monday Night Session has also come to a close. Thanks also to all at New York Beer Company for a year and a half of magical Mondays.


One door closes and another one is gently kicked open…

I’ve been playing the first Wednesday of the month at Stella and Fly in the Upper East Side. They also have a gorgeous basement area there that I always thought would be great for a Big City Folk event. I’m happy to announce that less than 48 hours after hearing that Fawkner was closed, Stella and Fly have offered to host us for a trial 4 week period starting Wednesday September 11th though October 2nd.  I would greatly appreciate your help ensuring we pack the house for these gigs. It’s a great space run by really nice people.


Other News

I’m hosting and playing at a Big City Folk gig at Rockwood Music Hall this Thursday with Jasper Lewis and Reg Meuross. Autocorrect wants to call Reg, Reg Metros. We’d love to see you there.

Tickets available here:


This transitionary period would be a great time to pick up an album or 8. You can find them all here:


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