Guitar, suitcase, backpack? Tour Countdown

Chris Michael's new album- Review to follow

Chris Michael’s great new album- Review to follow

In Newark airport.

Driving from Sunbury, PA back to Newark. Listened to the new Chris Michael album “Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando Scream Peace and Love into the Darkness” most of the way up and back. It is great.

Mental check list. I have my passport. New and shiny. Irish. My nearly empty, thin battered wallet. My green card. My Irish phone.Nokia with several broken buttons and a barely functional speaker. My American phone. Samsung flip. This ipad mini and keyboard with a missing ‘w’’ key. My myriad of chargers. 7 pairs of jocks and socks. A box of cds. Mostly ‘All We Have Become’ and the final handful of ‘Sound’. New tour posters. A handful of t -shirts. My toothbrush. A book I might start? My Guitar, suitcase, backpack.
Bangor, here I come.

Hopes and aspirations!
Sing everyday.
Write every day.
Exercise every day.
Be present and at my best for all gigs regardless of attendance.
Mention mailing list and cds at every gig.
Always memorise and thank sound engineers and hosts.
Make mostly healthy choices.
Every time I see a vegetable eat it.
Remember hangover + travel = sad niall
Learn something about people and places I go.
Don’t lose stuff! Guitar, suitcase, backpack?


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