I Will Remember


I Will Remember


I pulled your little mask,

Over your nose and around your tiny ears.

Praying the early reports were true,

That children would be okay.


I hoped you would forget this,

The anxiety ridden parts,

The fear in the eyes of the

Other shoppers in the frozen fruit aisle.


The shaking in my hand,

The sound of my temper,

When I lost it with the anti vaxxer.

I hoped you would forget that too.


When the sky brightened a little

We stepped out and saw in full, your little

Friends’ faces for the first time.

Their happy mouths and noses,

I hoped you would remember.

Whatever next? I thought.


Quickly, I moved the radio dial,

To the music channel.

To spare you the horror?

Children hiding bread,

So they might have food tomorrow too,

Of train station goodbyes in 2022,

And so much worse.

So much worse.


I turned my back to you and cried,

In our safe kitchen,

In the middle of the afternoon.

I hugged you close,

Realizing I need you,

To not let me give up hope.


We put on our raincoats and go outside,

To daffodils and kindness,

Puddles and courage.

So much courage.

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