Once Upon a Time on Patrick’s Street.

Saturday April 28th, 2018


I first Saw Christian McNeill singing at HMV record store on Patrick street in Cork city. I think I was 15.  He was frontman for Derry band Schtum. I later skipped the opportunity to see Pavement to go see them at Sir. Henry’s instead. That was the compromise I made with my parents. I was sorry to miss Pavement but I loved that Schtum EP. It was I think the third CD I ever bought. The Sultans of Ping and REM being the other two.

Tonight, I’m opening for Christian’s band Sea Monsters at Atwood’s Tavern in Cambridge, MA.

I promise to try to recreate the same mosh dance that 15 year old me did that Saturday afternoon.

There are only a handful of tickets left. I’m on at 10pm sharp.


I’m also playing at Irish Haven tomorrow and hosting a new songwriter night in midtown Manhattan on Monday.


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