I played the first gig of tour with Mick Flannery at the Philadelphia Folk Song Society on Saturday night . Formerly a cobbler’s shop, it was a lovely room for singing. We had a great listening crowd in a room full of instruments and folk festival memorabilia. I had a healthy dose of nerves for the gig. I gave Mick a sneak preview of the album on the way home. He had some very positive feedback and some cool suggestions for one of the tracks. You may hear some of those suggestions during the rest of the tour. You may not. Mysterious.

Mick did a beautiful set that included a couple of new songs and a Jeffrey Martin cover. His song ‘Minnesota’ felt especially powerful at this moment in time. ( Readers in USA, please use your vote in upcoming midterms.)

To the best of my shoddy recollection, my own set was:


Everything’s Alright

Sea Area Forecast

Beef Or Salmon

James Connolly

Maybe Next Year

It’s A Beautiful Life ( Most Of The Time)

Thanks Katie, Robert and Brenda and al at PFSS for the warm welcome. Thanks Parking Gods for the spot right outside the venue.We drive up to Boston tomorrow for a gig at Club Passim.Looking forward to seeing some of you along the way on this tour.

Mick is on fire, if you can get to any of these, do.

Thank you,



Next up: Boston, Northampton, Saratoga Springs, Exeter, Toronto

Full details below.

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  1. Tony S. on November 8, 2022 at 4:16 pm

    Niall – Was a pleasure hearing you perform live for the first time in Exeter, NH.
    Our family of four attended at the Word Barn and thoroughly enjoyed your set (as well as Mick’s!).
    We will keep an eye our for your next trip up to New England. Hope to see you again soon…

    • Niall Connolly on November 9, 2022 at 10:13 am

      Thank you Tony,
      I’m so glad you and the family enjoyed the gig. Word Barn is a national treasure of a venue!! I would definitely love to come back sometime.

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