Small Thoughts and Photographs – Interstate 95 tour

Tuesday, November 14th, 2023

Thank you to all who came out to any of the gigs last week. NYC, Rockaway, Wilmington, Delaware, Westport and Worcester , MA. I drove over 800 miles, and thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them. I got back into the car on Sunday feeling triumphant. Then I turned on engine and the hazard light alerted me to a slow puncture. Nailed it.  An unexpected overnight at the Comfort Inn Sunday night. My first trip to a Town Fair Tire on Monday morning. “You should probably replace the other front tire at the same time.” Indeed.


A photograph of a photograph of Lead Belly

At breakfast in the Comfort Inn I met a man who’s apartment had burned down that night. He also told me that the fire engine had smashed into his car on arrival. I kept my mouth shut about my minor inconvenience. He was reduced to the clothes he was wearing and grateful to be alive. I encounter such kind and resilient people in my travels. Constant reminders of my good fortune.

My album on the wall at the house concert

Write it down. Don’t ever forget. Tuesday in NYC with Anna Tivel. Wednesday down the road at Sayra’s Wine bar. Friday opening for Nellie McKay at the truly inspiring Arden Gild Hall.  Lead Belly played here in the 40s. An impossibly magical and restorative house concert on Saturday. A walk in the woods on Sunday morning. Then, finally, another beautiful gig at Boland’s in Worcester on Sunday afternoon. Thank you to all who helped make these gigs happen. I feel a deep sense of nourishment from these gatherings. Thank you.

With Diane and Rick of Log House Concerts

I’m back at Sayra’s Rockaway on Wednesday and Thursday I’ll be hosting Big City Folk Song Club at the Vale, NYC  with featured artist John Cathal O’Brien.

An ever expanding list of US, Swiss, Irish and German dates can be found on the calendar page. 


America, ya weirdo


Arden Gild Hall before the concert.


NAIL Connolly.


Anthony Bisceglia of Lakeline opening at Boland’s in Worcester.


Anna Tivel, the singing poet, singing on top of some poems before the concert at Irish Arts Center.


The world is so full of horror right now.  I hope for Peace for all. Especially for the children who made the apparently unforgivable mistake of being born in the wrong place and time. 


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