Tales of a Dublin Taxi Driver

Dublin Airport, Christmas Eve, 2016

After the gig last night I took a taxi from the Workman’s Club to The Clayton Dublin Airport Hotel.

“What’s the strangest thing that ever happened in your taxi?”
“ Well a woman left a baby in the back and legged it.”
“ I called the guards. Two hours go by. Nothing. I called my wife. It was a Friday. Bring her home says she. I took her home. The social workers didn’t come till Monday. I mean we could have been anybody.“

“Or maybe the time, this one time, about ten years back, I was bringing this elderly couple. And yer man says to me, pointing at the empty seat in the front, do you normally stop for passengers when you already have someone in the car?”
“Do you normally stop for passengers when you have someone in the car”
“Says I, there’s nobody else in the car pal”
“ I dropped them off an’ the aul wan came running out of the house splashing holy water all over me car”
“Yeah that was a bit strange alrigh’.”

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