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Rockaway Park,  Saturday, March 21st, 2020


How are you? I hope you are finding ways to stay calm and sane and safe in this incredibly trying and strange time. Do tell.  What books, podcasts, tv shows, poems, albums, recipes, mental health practices are you finding helpful right now?

Until recently my favourite book was ‘East of Eden’. My new favourite book is ‘I love to gobble you up!’  ‘I love to gobble you up!’ is a classic underdog story, a heartfelt tale of a turkey who avenges humanity for eating her ancestors. Our hero professes that she will eat the young ( or middle aged) reader, one rhyming body part at time, whether her victim be “here, there, or everywhere.’ It’s a six page thriller.

I’ve heard it said that stress can skew our sense of judgement. I won’t let that happen.



A box of posters I’d ordered for upcoming gigs just arrived. I’ll be sure to stick them all over the bathroom to remind me to show up for my livestreams.

Like many of you, all of my gigs are cancelled for the foreseeable future.  I did my first ever Facebook Livestream on Wednesday night.  I want to thank everyone who tuned in. It was really encouraging and comforting to share some songs with you. I enjoyed your comments and humour (even you, Jasper, ya pup!). There were listeners in Australia, Canada, Singapore, Ireland, Costa Rica, Belgium and all over the US.  It crashed a couple of times but you stuck around. Which seems fitting. Thank you also to all of you dropped something in the digital tip jar. I know everyone’s under pressure now and I appreciate it.

I’m going to try to do one every Wednesday night at 9pm and every Saturday at 3pm ( New York Time).  Just because I can’t be a professional soccer player doesn’t mean I can’t keep the same schedule.

It’ll go live from

I welcome your requests.


I’m also hoping to offer one on one virtual songwriting classes or personalized concerts over the phone. I’m brainstorming ideas to stay afloat. I know most of us are. I hope you are all doing okay. I’m very grateful for your time and support of my career thus far.

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