The Best Review I’ve Received In Quite a While

Rockaway Park, NY, December 7th, 2019

Though I did not get 50 million Spotify streams this past year, I did just receive this very inspiring note from a young man in Australia. Mark wandered randomly into one of my New York gigs 7 years ago and very deliberately came back a few months ago. It’s a huge honour to know that anyone’s found my music remotely helpful. Thank you all for listening, and thank you Mark for sharing this story.


This week you can find me:

Tuesday Dec 10th, 7pm Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2 opening for Anna Tivel

Wednesday Dec 11th, 8pm Stella and Fly, Hosting BCF Song Club

Friday Dec 13th, Mulography Photography Exhibition at An Beal Bocht

Sunday 15th, 5pm , Cask, Hosting Sunday Afternoon Cellar Sessions



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